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Thread: Xbox 720 or PS4?

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    Default Xbox 720 or PS4?

    I know this is in the Xbox forum and will probably get a one sided response but I'll ask anyway. When the new consoles hit the streets are you getting one? Either the 720 or the PS4? Or maybe you are just sticking with what you already have and will wait to see what everyone else says. Either way, what are you planning on doing.

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    i plan on waiting *since funds are always short >.<* and possibly getting a 720..maybe ps4 if diablo 3 wont be on 720 im quite content with my 360 and if the 720 isnt backwards compatible then probably wont get one until it is hacked/updated to do so. but then again i havent had a tv based sony system since ps2 but that was many years ago when they were still "new."

    so im still "undecided" so i guess we will wait and see from what the specs are, launch titles, possibly user reviews but those dont really sway me into buying anything, and most importantly features
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