Today,here came a udpated news about xk3y that the xkey firmware has been udpated to v1.06,it was said that this firmware update an support multi-language version. Following is a more detail :

Quote from official

"xk3y firmware v1.06 released

Posted on October 28th 2011

- Fixed SD driver bug
- Added Ext3FS support for new SD images
- Fixed IsoMenu & JPGs with large EXIF data
- Limited JPGs in ISO Menu to 200KB
- Added support for user generated Web content
- Integrated Mr_Waffles "Dark Theme" web content as the default. Thanks Mr Waffles!
- Enabled multilanguage support, to use, add the following to xkey.cfg


Where XXX is one of the following:

SCN Simplified Chinese
TCN Traditional Chinese
KOR Korean
JPN Japanese
DEU German
ENG English
ESP Spanish
ITA Italian
NED Dutch
POR Portugese
SWE Swedish

- Fixed &,<,> in directory names"

i think,this firmware update will save many people from the pain of Asian verison. n_n !

you can download the latest firmware here : xk3y v1.06