ok I will make this as short as I can .

I flashed my dvd drive, hitachi 59, with just my computer with a sata port on board.
I had to put dvd drive in mode b, tried the two wire trick, didn't work for me, don't know if I had it right. anyway I got it in by the resister way but when I did I must of had the wrong resistor (used a biff motherboard didn't want to flag the xbox, well that's what they say) so when I got the other motherboard going the one I used to flash the above drive, I got 1030 one red light looked it up and it was the network chip. so I had another old board with same chip so I switched them, it works now but the dvd drive that goes with it doesn't open and doesn't spin . when I turn it on it says that its reading, its like its stuck in b mode or that its getting no power to it or I just fu_ked the board all together. could any one tell me what it could be or is it just parts ?