Hello all,
My Xbox slim Freestyle 3 as started to play up by crashing the system and hanging on screens. Not resetting the settings back to new. Anyway today i tried fixing this by booting up the Freestyle 3 installer from Freestyle 3. I clicked on removed old install and click on everything i need to install. It started to download the files and then the Xbox tuned it self off with out doing anything. Coming to turn the Xbox back on it boots up into the Xbox 360 dash. I can boot into Xell reloaded from clicking on the CD drive button. But i like to know if there is any way i can install Freestyle 3 from xell reloaded.

My CD drive as died.. So there is no CD drive on my Xbox at all.

If somebody can help me out.. I will be thankful as i'm a little lost on what to do. I was looking for a file manger for Xell reloaded but can't find one.

Thank you for your help.