I heard of swapping wich requires opening the xbox and the the dvd cover, and swapping while its turning. BUT i also heard there is more easy than this: creating a boot disc, and simply putting it in, and after a few moments, ejecting it and putting the burnt disc and voilà.
Question is the second one possible, where can i find the latest version of it and do i have to have a double layer dvd or a single layer would be fine if the iso fits on in, also do i have to patch the iso of burn it with a special xbox 360 software or imgburn sould do the trick.

Please teach me the easiest way to play a game without having to resort to soldering or tampering the hardware.
Also i am not interested in using xbox live, i only play games that are offline so no worries about being banned?
Thank you. Also i bought this console with no controller, is the xbox compatible in any way with the wii/ps3/usb pc controler? Because i checked in stores and 40$ for a used controller is absolute madness.