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Thread: Will I Get A Ban? Help Pleas.

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    Well, M$ haven't given me yet (and I hope never) a ban, and I want to know what can I do and what I should not do, so I wont get a ban, until all this subjects will be clear.

    I have a silver account, and I haven't played a game after the update (+, its a new profile, which haven't played one game at all).
    Now, I want to play games (like PGR 3) but I don't want to get myself baned P:

    So how can I play without get a ban?
    Things like:
    I should not play online (on the net with other people).
    Or maybe be totally offline while play the game (I mean, not be connected to the internet at all).

    Also, I want to know that if its possible, like play offline and then contented to the Xbox Live, will M$ be able to know if I played a burned game before or something? Also, is it possible also with Crackdown?

    And so on.. Thanks for helping, and pleas, say it only if you 110% sure!

    Thanks :P

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    Please read and inquire in all the current threads already started (at least three of them are active) , we do not need another one...

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