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    This was the first wave of console bans this year.

    Once your console is banned, you cannot undo it, short of returning it for warranty work (getting another one back), or buying a new console. The live ban applies to Gold and Silver accounts, and it means:

    1. No Live! Play at all!
    2. No Downloadable Content (Maps).
    3. No Marketplace Downloads (Movies, Arcade, NOTHING!)
    4. No Game Patches/Updates (No glitch fixes for you either)
    5. No Console/System updates (No kernel or dashboard updates)

    People were warned ahead of time:
    Xbox Live Bantacular - Posted by SketchFactor at 5/17/2007 3:28 PM PDT
    We are continually fighting the good fight to keep modders and jerks out of the Halo 2 online population (and now Halo 3) but we can all sleep easier at night knowing that the Xbox Live team has their own group of agents working towards the betterment of the online community.

    Major Nelson and Gamerscoreblog posted reminders today that people who log onto Live using modified consoles are being dealt with. As more and more people pour into the Halo 3 Beta, please take this warning to heart. Using modified content and hacked boxes is against the Terms of Use for Xbox Live and doing so will result in your console being permanently banned from the service. Forever. For all games.

    If you get an error message "Status Code: Z: 8015 - 190D" it means you are done playing Xbox Live on that console. Congrats.

    To all of the upstanding members of the Live community - we salute you and look forward to fun times throughout the Halo 3 Beta and beyond.

    From Xbox LIVE security:
    As you can imagine, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to modded consoles connecting to LIVE.
    We're very serious about this, and if we detect you have a modded Xbox then you will not be able to connect to Xbox Live. If you see this screen and get Status Code: Z: 8015 - 190D…that means your console has been banned.

    We'll continue to enforce this rule to ensure the integrity of the service and protect our partners and users.
    Once you are banned, there is no going back. Changing back to your original firmware will not change the ban.

    b]Reported Ban Status Codes:[/b]
    w: 0000 - 0021
    x: 0000 - f001
    y: 00a8 - 6820
    z: 8015 - 190d

    W: 0000-000B
    X: 0000-F009
    Y: 00A8-6820
    Z: 8015-190D

    The status codes w and x "seem" to change, don't know the reason.

    Said they placed their HDD On Another Console - Said Live Worked, but still had these codes :
    w:0000 000b
    x:0000 000d
    y:00a8 6800
    z:8015 190d

    Unofficial Ban-Tracker:

    Researched BANS: Their Testimonials & Information:
    Extreme 5.3 firmware, was playing original UEFA FIFA.
    5.2 flash for the Toshiba Samsung drive, didn't upgrade.
    Hitachi 46 drive with the new 2.4 FW - Playing a Backup of NCAA 07
    Hitachi firmware on a 59 drive spoofed to 47
    Toshiba-samsung drive w/5.2d
    Hitachi 47d with Commodore4Eva Xtreme Hitachi-LG v2.4 Stealth
    Samsung MS25 with 5.3c
    Hitachi with latest C4E firmware.
    Samsung MS25 with 5.3c - updated to 5.3c before the Spring update.
    Hitachi 47dj and garyOPAs stealth v2.3
    Legal XB360 Now; but Used to use a hacked Hitachi 47 drive with FW 2.3 before the Spring update.
    MS25 With Xtreme 3.3 Firmware, Got banned with crackdown back up, and after halo 3 beta.
    Hitachi 47 with 5.2 FW
    Hitachi LG 47 drive with C4Eva's 2.4 Disk Jitter Mod.
    MS25 reporting as MS25, X5.3d, re-flashed drive the night the firmware came out, days before the spring update.
    Hitachi 78 May18th, updated to the new firmware May17th
    Hitachi 0078fk without jitter check, downloaded halo3 beta through crackdown backup
    Hitachi 47d drive premium, the latest hitachi firmware flash from C4E 2.4
    Hitachi 47dj used most current firmware PRIOR to disc jitter update
    MS25, reporting as MS25, flashed after the Spring update came out, but before it was installed on Xbox
    Didn't upgrade Hitachi from the original GaryOPA 7in1 pack used to flash 47 back in September
    Hitachi 59dj - out of town when the spring update came - updated my firmware when I got back
    New Hitachi FW before the Spring Update - never used any backups - went back to OEM FW after update
    Banned whilst playing Halo 3 with my retail crackdown - Hitachi 59, latest firm.
    MS28 flashed with 5.3a, before the Spring Update - only played original games, no backups
    47dj with c4e 2.4 with disc-jitter- Downloaded and played Halo 3 beta yesterday with Crackdown backup
    Hitachi 78Fk 1.8 jitter - flashed a couple days (after spring update) from 1.7 to 1.8 - backup of crackdown
    MS-25 w/ 5.2 (high speed default) - Halo 3 Demo through Crackdown backup

    Consoles NOT Banned:
    Chipped DVD Drives
    Hitachi GDR-3120L V:0047DJ, Garyopa 2.3 revision 2 firmware flashed, no update firmware
    Samsung MS25 - Updated from Xtreme 4.3 to 5.3c before Spring Update
    Samsung MS28 - 5.3A flashed before spring update
    Ms25 Samsung, flashed with x3.2 and re-flashed it with x5.3a before the spring update
    Hitachi 47dj - garyopa 2.3 stealth flashed before update
    Toshiba-samsung ms28 with a non-jitter fw - all backups still working - played H3 beta

    Well, I think you get the picture, I won't add anymore data to these lists unless there is a major revelation.

    Is also seems people who have flashed their drives before ever signing on to live are not banned, in some conditions. Most of these non-bans were people who have NOT upgraded their firmware since originally done.

    Do you not also find it very odd that a LEAK saying M$ was going to be performing jitter tests on the Discs, then a jitter correction firmware was made? Just about everyone who applied the jitter correction firmwares after the update were banned. It was like they wanted people to update their firmwares so they could be detected.

    It is reported M$ has already known the status of your Xbox well before this latest update, probably during that last one that caused all those DVD drive related Error codes. With the release of Halo III on the horizon, it was time to start banning modded consoles. This is in part, because of all the cheating on-line with H2, that ruined the playability for many people, causing a severe drop in on-line play, thus losing subscribers. M$ did not want that to start with H3; This was indeed a preemptive strike!

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    From GaryOPA, Commodore4eva (C4E), Iriez and others, this is THEIR opinons, and not any guarantee that any of it is accurate, but they are the experts...

    M$ is probably detecting and banning consoles from LIVE by tracking usage of backups by the timing of the challenge response (c/r) on the drive, probably since the last few weeks or months. A modified firmware will reply much faster to the the Challenge requests (stored in a table in the firmware) than an original firmware will (seek on drive). They probably do this test more than once and can ban you if you're above a certain average.

    FuzzyLogic, has also found that M$ is sometimes doing additional checks on discs; best guess is the PFI/DMI sectors (so images without these sectors (or if using an old FWs without stealth support for PFI/DMI) can probably be detected easily), drive inquiry (reads the ascii string from drive), and capacity (reports capacity of disc) are requested. The strange thing here is M$ requests 0x8000 bytes for PFI and DMI, while it should normally be 0x0800 bytes. TheSpecialist pointed out that the remaining 0x7800 bytes contains the relocated SS, and PFI on burned discs, which would make it very easy to detect backups for MS, IF THEY REALLY WANTD TO. C4E however said this would not work on TS drives anyway, as it cuts off to 0800 even if more data is asked, it's unconfirmed how modified Hitachi LG firmwared drives have respond to this.

    The "read capacity check" will also work as detection on LG drives because, unlike the newest TS Fiwmreares, it doesn't have true 'stealth media' yet, so these drives are reporting back the burned disc based size of PFI instead of the correct PFI. Apparently there's also an issue with the SS (Security Sector) when extracted from Hitachi-LG, some necessary data is screwed up, which means that probably only the Toshiba-Samsung / Kreon setup has been extracting correct SS all along. SO those who have been using the Kreon drives were much safer.

    Another thing they are probably detecting (but probably not using yet to decide to ban or not) and log/flag is if you ever booted your Xbox360 with the SATA cable disconnected from your Xbox360 (Produces E64). Many people did this to power their drive when they wanted to flash it (power connected to 360, SATA to PC). So it's highly suggested to use an external power to flash next time.

    It's also possible M$ also bans based on stuff like bad credit card info for your country, running a NTSC machine with euro-address/credit card (or vise-versa), or having out-of-region (arcade) games and demos on your HDD, unofficial 360 HDD, internet downloaded gamesaves etc. This is a pretty big stretch, and I personally doubt this is happening, BUT, if you think you were BANNED for no reason, think real hard and what you have done.

    For now, C4E believes Microsoft is not actually detecting modified firmware, or detecting the changes, and updates. This is probably because when using a hacked firmware, they did not detect any debug commands sent to the drive by M$ (they went through the dash/kernel updates with the hacked firmware, as well and did not detect any debug commands there either). So they think?:

    A) that M$ is not doing any firmware detection right now, and only previously (maybe on request of M$ servers while playing on LIVE?), or;
    B) M$ is banning consoles based only on the timings responses of the the drive (being too fast), ss/pfi/dmi checks, capacity, or drive inquiry and c/r verification.

    C4E is working on an "iXtreme Online" firmware (a little too late, huh?) for Toshiba-Samsung drives, a Hitachi-LG version and maybe even BenQ version might follow later.

    The new FW will have less features than the current Xtreme, no single-layer (DVD5) support, no ripping of games in 0800 mode, but more features to safely play from burned discs (emulate the exact speed and timings of the original games), and prevent booting from un-safe discs (without PFI and DMI or bad SS - so discs not passing the Stealth Check (using Xbox Backup Creator(info) for example) are not going to boot on the new firmware), or images that aren't exact dumps of the original.

    There's no official date of release (maybe this weekend though for TS drives), and of course no guarantee M$ will never ban you based on new checks (that's the risk it takes if you want to be part of the modding community). The LG firmware will take a bit longer as it'll require true 'Stealth media' etc added, and the SS extraction thing mentioned earlier.

    This new firmware will of be made mostly for new consoles being modded, because even if you're not banned from LIVE yet there's no way to know if M$ already has all your info on your console, regarding timings, or other data, so even changing to this new firmware in the near future may not stop that console ID from being banned in the next wave of MS bans.

    If your console is not banned yet, it's highly suggested you don't boot any burned discs, and that all originals should be ok. Even when you are offline, M$ might be storing results of some of those afore mentioned checks in flash memory (ahh, never thought they would do that?), until the release of the new stuff.

    If your console is already banned nothing will help you, so just enjoy the offline play for the console for now (with some games you could try using 3rd party networks like XLink Kai, and XB Connect, and maybe some day a new exploit will allow you to do more with that console.

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    As a general tip on buying second hand consoles, you may want to ASK if it was modded, then if it was banned from Live! People have been reporting on their misfortune when buying used consoles, to see they can't get on Xbox Live!

    If you are going to pick the unit up, SEE IT WORKING before you take it home. Not only are banned consoles getting out there, but so are failed flashes (nothing runs).

    Buyer Beware...

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    Here is a sample of what is being requested from the DVD drive.

    Those are listed by YEAR-MONTH-DAY.

    Those checks happen if you are connected to live or not, it is part of the security check for games overall.

    If you are connected to live while putting the disc in, or connect after, then the data is transmitted REAL TIME. If not, it is stored and, if any discrepancy is found, is transmitted the next login, ban occurs.

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