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Thread: XCM White 360 HDMI 1080i cable (for regular white Xbox 360)

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    This cable will be the world first HDMI 1080i cable for Regular Xbox 360,with this cable you can enjoy the digital 1080i output signal on HD TV :)
    The cable can let you have the HDMI digital signal on your HD TV, the original white xbox 360 hasn't got the HDMI port ,so the signal of it is analog signal ,with this cable we convert the analog signal to digital signal ,apart from this function, we also build in the extra RCA and optical socket to connect the loud speaker or amplifier to let you get more enjoyable when playing game
    And it will come with the HDMI to DVI adapter, so this cable is not only can be use on HD TV but also on PC as well

    White regular XBOX 360 to DVI

    White regular XBOX 360 to HDMI 1080i

    Extra Audio socket connect to Amplifier or loud speaker

    Official Site:


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    cool, ive wanted summit like this for ages, where can u buy em pal, i checked on the official site??

    EDIT: ahh found it no worries, can u get it any cheaper than £50 quid, couldnt find anywhere

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