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Thread: how to play .AVI on your xbox via PC and/or enternal harddrive?

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    so i know its possible to play AVI videos on your xbox wirelessly through a program called windows media center edition, but how do i play AVI videos without the media center edition? what i have is an xbox (duh), xbox wireless adapter, a router, a laptop with wifi....

    i can already stream WMA and music files and pictures and such from my laptop to my xbox wirelessly, i just want to play AVIs on my xbox without converting them all..

    any suggestions?

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    The Xbox itself does not support AVI codecs, RUMOR is XviD and DivX support later... So, the previous post says "Tversity", which is a media server that transcodes on the fly. I have a 3.4Ghz machine, and it still doesn't transcode fast enough... You can always try it though. There is another program calles Transcode360, something like that, that one was faster than Tversity...

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