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Thread: Is it possible to turn an xbox 360 into a media hub?

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    Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying an xbox 360, not just for the games but also for the ability to play movies and tvshows.

    My question is this, if I have an external harddrive am I able to plug it in and play movies, and tv shows from it? And what file formats is supported?

    Also is it possible to stream music/tv etc from my xbox to my computer and or phone.

    Right now I stream and do all the things above via my PC. However I would like to save on electricity and the HEAT that is generated from my pc. I can always create a separate media computer system in the end but if its possible to do this from an xbox any help would greatly be appreciated!

    I've heard that people have ran linux on their xbox 360 so maybe its possible to dualboot an xbox between its main OS interface and a linux or windows distro?

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    Use a MEDIA SERVER for a PC, and host the files on external HDDS.

    You can use a multitude of servers, just SEARCH for one.

    Tversit is popular for all types of "media hubs"

    You cannot make the XB360 a Media SERVER nor a regular XBOX.

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