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Thread: Rrod when formating drive...?

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    So My xbox 360 had the rrod a while back and I fixed it with the x clamp mod. Its been working good ever since.
    Yesterday for the first time I took the box with me to a mates house because we where going to hack a couple of WD disks to put in the xbox 360.
    We did the hack, and put the hdd in the xbox to format, but right after the second format I entered the hdd from the xbox and it frozee. Tried to restart again but I got rrod.
    I did do one mistake with the harddrives, I forgot to delete old files on the hdd before I flashed it. So even if the disjs had the right 0/1/2 partitions on it, it still had some windows files and sutch.
    SO im wondering if these files could have caused the problem, and if so if its any cure? Now it wil not boot without rrod even with no hdd.
    OR is this just a case of strange timing?

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    No, formatting a HDD won't cause the RRoD, once your Xbox 360 has RRoDed on you it's bound to return with a vengence some or other day!

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