Hey everyone. :DI have a flashed firmware light on drive for my 360 arcade and for some reason some games have not been reading and freezing:(. I've tried playing my backup of Lord of the Rings Conquest which was working perfectly until one day whenever it went onto the menu it started slowing and freezing a bit. An error pops up which is unreadable since it pops up so quickly and the game exits to the menu of my 360. The other games seem to be fine except need for speed shift backup seems to be freezing a bit as well but not exiting. It's really weird because when it freezes, if you press the xbox button and then exit the xbox menu it plays for 2 seconds and then freezes again. I've cleaned the discs they seem to be fine with no scratches.

Do you think the laser is going or what? Do I need a fan? I've barely played my 360 at all.

Help would be appreciated.:cool:

Sorry I posted in wrong section! Feel free to delete.