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Thread: tried x clamp still linkinng three red lights

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    hi everyone I am some what of a newbi and I need alittle help from all.

    Here is my problem i did the x clamp fix and turned the onso on by te button on the front since i dont have the origanal remote for consol when i do i get the three red lights the fans turn on for a sec then off and the cpu and gpu do not get hot at all. please help am i doing something wrong i used white thermal paste and the two washers in between the mother board and heat sinks and help would be appreciated thanks

    ok found out error code is 0001 i also hve one that has error code 0031 any help i have lloked around says it could be alot of things the heat sinks are not to tight good power supply

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    1) Make sure your PSU is working and replace it if it isnt
    2) Scan the mainboard and make sure that there is nothing that might short something out, like metal chipping, components, that move out of place while heatgunning, etc.
    3) Replace MOSFETs and regulators that are known to cause it if they were blown
    4) Check if the standby voltages are existent, if they are not at a certain area replace the parts in the area which are likely to be defective.
    5) Reflow the CPU, HANA chip
    In rare cases a reflow might also fix it.
    6) X-Clamp replacement
    The GPU heatsink might be shorting out if you screwed it in too tight...

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