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Thread: still getting open tray error after laser replacement

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    my 360 started getting the open tray error recently. ive been looking for a solution for a while and most things ive seen have pointed to replacing the laser lens/drive. i got a new lens and swapped them out but im still getting the open tray error. i read somewhere that you need to remove some sort of ESD protection from a new lens but after comparing the old lens to the new one i couldnt tell any difference. the drive is a philips-liteon dg-16d2s.(hw ver a0a1, fw ver74850c) the drive is completely stock as well as the rest of the 360 and only the laser lens was replaced. i dont have any store bought music cds to test but the drive will not read dvd movies or any games ive tried. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. ive already opened the drive and used the spindle top to hold a disc in the open drive and can see the laser working. the disc spins up and says reading but nothing else.

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    See step 10 for removing the esd protection.

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