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Thread: Xbox problems...

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    Default Xbox problems...

    Sorry if there is same post somewhere else, but I m in a bit of hurry to fix my problem.

    Well I got console from one guy who told me that it has RROD and that he tried to fix it, and the console was disassembled so i put it together and saw that one small thing was out of its place its one transistor nichicon on it there is 105 C° H0608 and 2200(mikro)F6,3V and I wanted to try the console without it, because he told me that it had rrod and so on... just was curious... on my biggest surprise it was working, but only for but 2 min and then it shuts down with 2 left red light... that means overheating... but how can i repair it? Is this transistor so important... maybe its for temperature.... i dunno...

    And another strange thing, when I open my console and connect only power cable with it... there are four red lights.. is that normal...? because when av cable is there, its only 2 red lights

    Well I m not good at this stuff, bought console, because it was already "death" just to see things to learn things and if its possible to fix it.... and now i do not think that this is a "big" problem ... maybe some of you now what to do...

    Certainly 1. thing to do is to weld down transistor on its place...
    But want to know it there are more things I should do... thanks and sorry for disturbing...

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    Not sure about the other stuff but yes no av cable gives you 4 red lights

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