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    blaster360 - vt6421 - backup orig games only - 360w0rldegg

    This is for the Samsung ms28 with Blaster 360 – Sata VIA VT6421 Pci card in a Pc, I haven't tried it with the hitachi so i don't know if it works the same.

    Backing up original disks.


    Part 1

    Before you start you will need to download some files and buy some leads that are necessary:

    A molex power lead adapter , get it here: you can use a spare pc power unit if you have one, but for the sake of £10 and less hassle, less cables everywhere.

    The Noobs Tutorial guide in php format , this is an essential download for almost everything 360.
    Get it at:

    The firmguard disable disk (0800.iso) you need this to put your drive in the correct mode so it will detect in windows. You will need to burn this .iso image to a dual layer dvd+r (single layer discs worked on mine as well) disc using imgburn.
    Get it at :

    Imgburn: use to burn .iso files (Images), get it at:

    Most important of all get the latest Via VT6421 Driver for your computers pci card

    Go to:
    then choose your operating system , pick the Ide Raid & Sata option, then Discrete Serial Ata Raid Controllers VT6420/1 and get the latest version.

    at the the moment for WinXp it is:
    Via v-raid ver5.05b 23rd April 2007 get it at:

    Install all software and drivers, That’s the awkward bit out of the way :)

    Part 2

    First make sure that your pc and xbox360 are powered off.

    Attach the Sata cable from the blasters sata port ( I got hold of a longer sata cable because the left over one from the blaster installation is too short to be useful) to the computers pci card primary sata port (the one on the short end of the card).

    Check that the blaster360’s power button is set to on.
    Check the mode b switch is set to on.
    Switch the glow to on.
    plug in a molex power lead to the blaster360 power socket (make sure that the xbox360 power lead is not attached if it is unplug it).
    Power on the blaster360 only, the leds should be blue (not the standard green).

    Press the eject button on the blaster and insert the 0800 disc.
    Let the drive spin for about 10-20 seconds and press the eject button again to take out the disc and shut the drive.
    The firmguard is now temporary disabled, Do not power off the blaster or it will reset the firmguard to on.

    Boot up your pc (if your computer hangs at this point you need to check your sata drivers are the latest versions).
    When the pc has finished booting, right click on My Computer,
    then Manage,
    then Device Manager,
    on the right hand side of the window click on Dvd/ Cd-rom Drives.
    Your xbox360 drive should appear in here:

    If the drive didn’t show up re read this tutorial carefully and re-do it…

    If it is there windows has detected the drive and you can now close the window, as you don’t need to click on anything else.

    Part 3

    Open the noob’s guide tutorial and go to page 108 and start from the bottom of the page regarding xbox backup creator follow these instructions and hey ho one safely backed up original for your use only.

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    How to Flash your Samsung SH-D162c with Kreon Firmware

    You must find the correct DVD ROM drive needed for this flash. There may be a drive you can cross-flash, or another model drive. This is at your OWN risk! As far as I know, it only works with the SH-D162C.

    1. Find the Kreon Firmware, and unzip/unrar to a folder on your PC.

    2. Open (click) on the sfdwin.exe icon and the flashing tool will open.

    3. If your "TSST corpDVD-ROM SH-D162CTSO3" drive is not listed in the DropDown Optical Drive Box Click the Down Arrow and select your SH-D162C Drive. Make sure you SEE the correct drive, if not, you will flash the wrong drive. Play is safe, and only have the target drive installed.

    4. Now click the Folder Button "First of the three" in the top left corner of the SFDWIN Program Window. When the window Opens, Click the arrow attached to the "LooK in" Box and select the folder you created where the firmware was extracted to.

    5. Now Select the "SH-D162C_TSO4_KREON_V081.bin" file, (it should be the only file available) and Click the BIG OPEN BUTTON!

    6. Now the Firmware is Loaded into the Flashing tool.

    7. Click the Middle of the Three Buttons in the Top left corner of the SFDNWIN Program Window; This starts the flash which only takes about 2 Seconds and then a Window Pops UP and says "Download Ok, restart windows."

    8. Restart windows, the drive is flashed.

    This is not unlike other OEM programs that you use to update firmware on all kinds of optical drives. This is basically doing the same thing, but with a hacked version of the XB360s Samsung firmware to use in this drive.

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    XBOX1 SAVES TO XBOX 360 - Updated 3/31/09

    Getting the save off the xbox 1

    Saves from the xbox 1 extraction method for normal saves (using action replay hardware)
    1> plug your cation replay card into your xbox 1
    2> copy the save you want onto the card
    3> unplug the card
    4> connect the card to your pc via the usb adapter
    5> open the action replay software
    6> copy the save to the middle column (drag and drop)
    7> copy the save from the middle column onto your desktop (drag and drop)
    8> the file will appear as a ".Zip" decompress it in to a folder
    9> open the folder and you should see a folder called UDATA and TDATA (some times only one of these will be present)
    you now have access to the xbox 1 save

    Saves from the xbox 1 extraction method for "un-copyable" saves (using mod-chipped xbox 1 and FTP software)
    1> turn on your xbox 1 with mod-chip enabled
    2> establish FTP link from your PC to your Xbox 1
    3> navigate to the save folder the one with TDATA and UDATA in it
    4> create TDATA and UDATA folders on your computer's desktop
    5> open the TDATA and UDATA folders on your xbox 1 (folder tree view)
    6> locate the folder number of the save you want in each of these directories (keep in mind that some times only the TDATA or UDATA folders have the save folder you want)
    7> copy the save game folders into there respective directories you created on the desktop (see step 4)

    You now have access to the xbox 1 save

    Connecting the hard drive

    You can connect to your 360's hard drive via any of the means below (this list is NOT exhaustive)
    1> Xsata
    this is a device that sits between your xbox 360 and the hard drive and has a USB port on the back for pc connectivity
    2> Xport
    similar to xsata it is basically a docking stand for your 360 hard drive. it sits on your desk and plugs into 2 usb ports on your pc (1 for power one for data)
    3> usb to sata adapter same to the Xport but will need you to get the 360 out of its caddy (hence voiding its warranty)
    4> external usb sata hard drive caddy same as above (in 3) but has external power supply so only uses 1 usb port

    Putting the on the xbox 360

    1> once you have connected your 360 hard drive your pc open up xplorer 360
    2> click on the drive menu
    3> click on open
    4> click on Harddrive or Memcard
    5> the hard drive will then be displayed as 3 partitions in the left hand column
    6> click on partition 3
    7> click on compatibility
    8> click on xbox 1
    9> click on the TDATA folder and drag your save folder from the TDATA folder on your desktop into the TDATA folder in xplorer 360
    10> click on the UDATA folder and drag your save folder from the UDATA folder on your desktop into the UDATA folder in xplorer 360
    11> congratulations you have now transfer your save


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