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    If you have done this before and have left the User Specified layer break setting the same, then you can skip to step #4.

    1. Download ImgBurn.

    2. Launch the program and using the menu at the top go to: "Tools -> Settings"

    3. Go to the "Write" tab and under the "Options" section on the right hand side select the radio button labeled "User Specified" under the "Layer Break (For DL Media)" section.
    Now in the textbox next to the words "Sectors in L0:" enter the value: "1913760" (without quotes of course).

    4. Open your IMAGE.000 or whatever you labeled your backup using the "Browse" button. Next to the text "Files of type" use the drop down menu and select "All Files (*.*)". You should now be able to select your backup image file. If you recieve the following error (Invalid or unsupported image file) Then you have most likely made an incorrect image. Try remaking the SS.bin and reapplying that as it may cause problems. IF YOU ARE SURE that you have correctly made your backup, you can use [url=]THIS TOOL[url]to get ImgBurn to detect your ISO. For an explanation of what the tool does and how to use it view the Readme.txt inside the zip.

    5. Set your burn speed to 2.4x and click the large burn button. Sit back and wait for the backup to burn.

    6. OPTIONAL: You can go back to "Tools -> Settings" and then back to the "Write" tab and set the "Layer Break" option back to "Calculate Optimal" if you are going to be using ImgBurn to burn other dual layer images that are NOT Xbox 360 backups. If you are only gonna be burning dual layer Xbox 360 backups, you can leave it to the setting before and resume at step #4 the next time you wanna burn a backup.

    Start clonecd and click on the cd with the pen, then click browse.

    Open the folder where u saves the two files .dvd & .000 - Select the .dvd file then click open, now click next.

    Select a slow burn speed (2.4x) and click ok.

    Your game will start to burn.

    Once its finished play & enjoy.

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    Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0 Tutorial - By tpepsiman

    download the new toolbox v3.1 b - this is just a updated version of the toolbox v3.0

    WHATS NEW ON V3.1b:

    - Added: Hitachi Xtreme 1.7 (Disc Jitter Fix by "c4eva")
    - Added: Smart Hack Patcher now works for all Production Drives V40 thru v79
    - Added: Correctly show and handle of keys for Hit79 drives
    - Corrected: Bug displaying Samsung FW as spoofed (display error)
    - Corrected: Several other bugs
    - Improved : Checksum checkup when dumping

    - Added: OCX's included on the release
    (REPACK, first v3.1b had corrupted archive) (there are available on Microsoft site anyway)

    Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0 Tutorial
    Published by forahobby on 2006-12-22

    This tutorial will explain briefly how to use Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0 to flash the Xbox 360 Hitachi v78 drive firmware.

    we do not take responsibility for anyone who attempts to flash their firmware and causes damage..

    Required Items
    - Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0
    - Xbox 360 with Hitachi V78 drive

    Let's Get Started
    1. Open 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0
    2. Tools > Direct Drive Dump (GDR Only)
    3. Choose your DVD drive from the drop-down list (there should only be one)
    4. Click the button labeled "RAW Dump Firmware As ..."
    5. Save the original firmware as original.bin somewhere safe
    6. It will tell you that the firmware has been dumped and ask if you want to open it, select "Yes"
    7. Make sure everything looks pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary
    8. Go to Tools > Smart Hack Patcher
    9. Read the warning and then accept it
    10. On the line labeled "output file" click the box to the right with the ellipsis (three dots) and save your output file as hacked.bin
    11. Make sure the rule set is for Hitachi v78 drives
    12. Hit "Generate File"
    13. Again, it will ask if you want to open the firmware, select "Yes"
    14. Go to Tools > Direct Drive Flash (GDR Only)
    15. Select Differential Flash (PATCH)
    16. Select your Hitachi DVD drive from the drop-down list
    17. Hit "Read Drive and Detect Differences"
    18. Select "Start Flashing" and wait for it to finish (very fast)
    19. Test it all out

    happy gaming

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    Easy Samsung Guide For MS25 & MS28 Drives - tpepsiman

    What You Need

    1/ An Xbox 360 with a samsung drive

    2/ A USB Drive (i used a 32mb one) how to make a xtreme dc-r here

    3/ A SATA controller (VIA VT6421A pci card) buy from: here ( if you can get one cheaper get one )

    4/ xtremebootmaker 5.3 (rc1) download from: here

    5/ \firmware download: xtreme52.rar iXtreme v1.0

    6/ You need to figure out which firmware your samsung drive has, there are two version, MS25 and MS28, it says on top of the dvd drive which firmware it has

    start xbm 5.3 untick the box and type: (1234567 12345) in the box's like so

    click the tab (general options) then open firmware (double click on the rar file or click open)

    tick box use custom controller then list scsi controller and select the sata from the scroll down list

    select (via VT6421A raid controller)

    click on the tap (create basic disk)
    select the xtream fw (eg:5.x b.c or d) then scroll down to the drive you ar flashing (i always use xtrem52c)

    next destination drive is the usb stick select the usb stick then tick the box format / make drive bootable and then click create disk

    your dun setting up the usb drive

    happy flashing

    open the usb pen drive just to check it. here is mine

    flashing the ms28 360 drive

    1:boot usb stick

    2:on the dos screen turn on the 360

    3:TYPE: (xread) with out brackets and hit enter

    4:you will see the 360 drive (pri extream master) then turn off the 360

    5:select the 360 drive (pri extream master) Waite 10 seconds

    6:then turn the 360 on (it will start to read the 360 drive)

    7:when it's finished it will go back to the cmd

    8:here you need to restart your pc and turn of your 360 and boot back to dos

    9:do the same to flash it just replace xread with xflash
    useing iXtreme v1 with xtremebootmaker
    tick the box use custom controller then list scsi controllers
    then select your sata last open the firmware it should look like so

    now click create basic disc untick the box (i want to flash multiple drives) and number the boxes like so
    select the usb stick/pen drive tick the box (format / make drive bootable)

    last click on create disc thats it happy flashing

    click the tap create Restore disc

    then click Open Original FW tap then select the orig.bin file

    and click open

    next destination drive select the usb stick

    tick box format/make drive bootable

    then click create disk

    click ok then the little x the usb is ready to boot

    restoring your drive

    connect the 360 drive up and the usb stick boot to dos

    then turn on the 360

    type: xrest then turn off the 360

    select the 360 drive: (pri xtream master)

    count to 10 then turn on the 360 it should start to restore the drive

    when its dun turn of the pc and 360

    now your drive should be restored

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    MODE-B - tpepsiman

    Mode-b - ModeB is the Hitachi drives built-in debug mode that we need to get into before anything else can be
    done. When in ModeB, the drive can be recognized in Windows and flashed with the hacked firmware.

    SLAX - is a specially edited Linux Live-CD that will send custom commands to the Hitachi drive through on boot-up.

    Download the latest SLAX image from Xbox-Scene

    Open the .rar archive using and extract the .iso image file.

    Burn the .iso image to a blank CD-R using Imgburn, Clonecd, Nero, or any other burning program

    Make sure your computer's BIOS is set to boot from CD first. Most are set to this by default.

    Power off both the Xbox 360 and PC.

    Make sure both power and video cables are plugged into the Xbox 360.

    Unplug the small, black SATA cable from the back of the Hitachi DVD drive and connect your Hitachi drive to your PC via a SATA cable.

    Power on the Xbox 360 and PC at the same time. Boot the PC from the Slax CD and wait until you reach the login prompt.

    If you get a line of text that says "Spinning Up Disc..." eject the Hitachi drive and Slax should continue loading.

    Check for ModeB!

    Connectivity Kit
    Note: This ModeB method will not work on Hitachi v0078FK drives. You must use Slax if you have a v0078FK drive. The kit can still be used to power the drive, but the debug/ModeB button will not work.

    If the Slax disc did not work for you purchase a Xeno or xecuter Connectivity Kit to put the drive into ModeB.

    Some important warnings about the kits-

    You can fry the kit and/or drive if you plug in the DVD power cables upside down. Look on the connector. There are small tabs to make sure you are connecting the cables correctly.

    You can also fry the kit and/or drive if you short it out on something. The back of the kit is not protected, and you can see bare solder points on the circuit. If you aren't careful, you can short the kit onto your PC case, Xbox drive, or another metal object.

    Disconnect both power and SATA cables from the DVD drive and take it out of the Xbox 360. Power off your PC and hook up the connectivity kit. Hook up the SATA cable to the DVD drive as well. Push the ModeB button down and power on your PC and boot into Windows.

    make sure the Eject button is up and the ModeB button is down before powering up the system.

    The same status LED configuration is used for the Xeno kit. If you power up the drive and the LED is green, hit the ModeB button so that the LED turns red for ModeB.

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    Easy Hitachi Guide For 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, 59 Drives - tpepsiman

    What you will need

    1: a pc any pc will do

    2: c4eva xtrm-hitachi v2 4 Stealth.rar (here)

    3: 1 360 hitachi drive

    4: 1 USB <> S-ATA adapter

    5: 1 connectivity kit or slax
    (Bmode tut here)

    Flashing Hitachi 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, 59 Drives

    Right after you have put your drive into B-mode, boot your PC into Windows.

    Now look for the C4EVA XTRM-HITACHI v2 4 Stealth.rar you have downloaded.
    Next move the X-LG folder to the root c-drive ( c:\X-LG> )

    Now open up a command screen, by entering “cmd” after clicking Start > Run.

    Next navigate to the X-LG folder by using these basic dos commands :

    Cd\ - go to root of drive

    cd X-LG - this is the folder you want at in dos

    After you reached your X-LG folder ( C:\X-LG> ) start the next procedure.
    Flashing your drive
    FLASH24S.BAT automatically makes a complete backup of your firmware system

    * To FLASH a drive, it must be in "Mode B" and have "Drive Letter"
    * Then just run FLASH24S.bin from "Command Prompt" while inside windows
    * Prompt must be at the same directory with the rest of the files!

    * FLASH24S needs two variables, the assigned "Drive Letter", and any 4
    numbers for the BACKUP directory, use a new unique number like 1672

    - This is used to make your BACKUP directory!

    - For Example: FLASH24S.BAT D 1672

    after running it will tell you PASS / DONE. you will have a BACKUP directory "X23-1672"
    in the "x-lg" folder and the program will store FIVE firmware files:

    ---- key.bin ---- DRIVE KEY /// DRIVE KEY
    ---- was.bin ---- Your drive before FLASH
    ---- gdrXX.bin ---- The untouched original fw
    ---- XX_23.bin ---- The patched Xtreme23 fw
    ---- now.bin ---- Your drive after FLASH!

    - Where the XX in the above names will be the version of your Hitachi

    - Zip or Rar this folder up and email it to yourself for backup purposes

    now test a backup before you put the case back on

    and FLASH17S.BAT is the same as above but, without F900 core, use this
    if you don't want to extract SS with your drive.
    i used the flash17s.bin i u want to just replace the 24 with 17
    Restoring your drive
    RESTORE.BAT automatically restores your drive back to original state

    * To RESTORE a drive, it must be in "Mode B" and have "Drive Letter"
    * Then just run RESTORE from "Command Prompt" while running windows.

    * The new RESTORE does not need any backup, it will 100% restore your
    drive back to "ORIGINAL" state as long as it is visible in Windows!

    * Program will not start unless it detects the version of your Hitachi!

    * You can restore any drive, even "v1.1" or "f900" or your own hacks.

    * System will check flashed firmware, and redo until 100% completed.

    * Once you get the PASS / DONE line, you can shut-down the system.

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    Hitachi 0078fk (For Noobs, By Noobs) - tpepsiman

    This is my first time flashing a 360 and my first time writing a tutorial. When I first started I had no idea what I was doing. I want to share what I discovered in the process of flashing my 360 start from finish.

    This is where you need to start. First discover which drive you have in Step (1). If you've got a hitachi drive you're in the right place. Now I may be an idiot but it took me a while to figure out that there are several versions of hitachi drives out there. What does this mean to you? Newer drives have newer firmware (possibly to prevent people like us from doing what we do). I ended up spending a lot of extra money on cables that wouldn't work for my paticular drive.

    Follow the instructions in Step (2) to open your Xbox 360. You will need a Torx 10 (10 being the size of the screwdriver :-) yes i did not know that). Once your 360 is open you'll need to identify what type of hitachi drive you have. This can be found by looking on the right middle side of the label. 0078fk is a drive present in some (and mine) newer drives. If you've just bought your 360 last week, you may find it has the newer 0079 drive.

    Next you'll need to remove the dvd drive. You'll see a pin power connecter and a SATA cable. You have a few options for how you'll want to connect the dvd drive to your computer. The cheapest and easiest way would be with a SATA chipset. If your motherboard doesn't have one onboard you'll need to buy one on ebay.

    You'll also probably need a longer SATA cable than the one that came with the 360. You're other options are a SATA to IDE / USB. These conversions are iffy at best. You're hitachi drive may not show up in windows. Even if it does there's no garuntee that the software will support it.

    Now that you have the 360 drive powered by the 360 and connected to your motherboard you'll need to set it in Modeb. Modeb allows the drive to show up in windows so it can be flashed. To set your hitachi 0078 in modeb you'll need to download slax.

    slax is a linux iive cd. Burn the ISO image to a cd using IMGBurn, poweriso, etc. Power down your pc and 360. Start your pc. Insert the live cd. Once slax begins to load start the 360. Once you get a prompt to login the drive should already be set to modeb. To confirm try ejecting your dvd drive. If it takes two pushes to close it then it is in modeb. Push it 3 times while it is open to make sure it does not automatically open again.

    Power down your pc and boot back into windows. Make sure the drivers for your SATA chipset are installed. You may need to restart but your DVD drive should show up in My Computer.

    From here on out follow this tutorial.

    If you encounter errors make sure you are running the latest version of fwtoolbox. If your computer freezes during RAW image dump then 99% of the time you are using incompatible hardware. This happend to me when trying to use SATA -> USB even though the drive was showing up in windows. The problem was fixed when I used a sata -> sata.

    There is a very real danger of bricking your dvd drive. I managed to avoid it being a complete noob on my first try. Do plenty of reading. If something isn't as described in the various tutorials stop and think about it.

    Here's how much money I had to spend.

    1 SATA chipset. $15
    10 Dual Layer DVD + R. $22

    Here's how much more money I spent because I didn't do enough reading before purchasing.

    1 IDE to SATA cable. $30
    1 SATA to USB cable. $30 (with shipping).
    1 Pioneer DVD burner. $25 (turned out my current burner worked fine).

    You can have your 360 flashed and playing backups for as little as $22 bucks if you have the right hardware. Most people will just need the SATA chipset. Good luck and happy flashing.

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    OPENING THE XB360 - tpepsiman

    How to make a 360 case opening tool:

    Step 1:
    Take the tub your spindle of disc's came in and cut a bit from the side of it and put it over the console as shown.
    Mark out where the holes are...

    ... then make it into a key like this. the tabs need to be about 1cm long.

    Do the same for the other side and you'll get two xbox 360 case opening keys that look like these...

    Step 2:
    Open the front of the console as normal and put a bit of newspaper or something inside the case to hold the front open a bit,
    then insert the key, push with a bit of force and you should hear it click and the case will open....

    ... repeat for the other side and you're done!

    Thanks to Hydra! tool from Hitachi v41 tut

    Now Opening The 360
    With a few simple tools we were able to open the 360 ,to flash your drive without any damage.
    If you plan to take apart your Xbox 360 -- and we must warn you that doing so will void your warranty

    The following tools are needed:
    1: A torx screw drivers in the following size: T10
    2: your finger nail's or small and thin wedge
    3: The tool you just made
    4: A 2 inch long and thin (roughly 1.5mm thick) metal stick

    With those tools in hand, we're ready to disassemble the Xbox 360.

    so lets get to opening it then
    The first step is to remove the outer plastic shell that conceals the innards of the system
    To do this, you must start by removing the face plate
    Take a look at the front of the Xbox 360 and insert your finger nails in the grove and pull slightly the corner will pop off
    then moving your finger a long the grove the hole front should just pop off.

    After the face plate has been pulled off you will see a silver Microsoft sticker covering a gap; remove this
    You will also see four small clips locking the top half of the plastic shell to the bottom half
    Do not attempt to wedge the clips out at this point
    With some care, gently bend outwards, the right gray ventilation shield on the right side of the unit so that you can see a bit inside
    You will notice that the gray side piece attaches to both the bottom and top white chassis
    Now look through the holes on top of the unit to locate the areas where the gray side pieces attaches to the white body
    What you need to do is take the long but thin metal stick and push down
    through the white holes (located on both the top and bottom of the Xbox 360) where the clips of the gray side pieces connect
    Slowly pull out the gray pieces away from the unit while unlocking the clips and eventually the gray piece will release itself

    To remove the left gray piece, you must first remove the hard drive unit by pressing the button located on the unit itself
    Then apply the same procedure used to remove the right gray ventilation piece -- except when you reach the bottom clip of the piece
    you most remove the rubber feet located directly below, to reveal a hole where you can insert the metal stick

    Once you have both side gray pieces removed
    you have essentially removed the main locking mechanism that holds the top and bottom shells together. At this point
    return to the front of the unit and turn the entire unit upside down
    Using you finger nail's or a small wedge, gently pry up the 4 clips holding the top shell to the bottom
    Once the clips are unlatched, slowly lift up the front of the bottom shell about an inch. then turn the console round
    The last step to removing the bottom shell cover insert the opening key you just made into the thin rectangular holes on the rear
    you should leave the the tool in the holes to prevent the rear latches from reattaching themselves
    Slowly insert the key into the holes. You should hear a click sound for each clamp you unlatch. Once complete
    you may lift off the bottom shell covering

    Looking inside the unit, you will notice that there are 14 silver screws (6 of which are long) and 8 black screws. Using your torx screw driver
    you do NOT need to remove the black heat-sink screws. All you need to remove is the six silver long screws I've circled in RED

    flip the Xbox 360 right side up lift up the top plastic shell.mind the eject button You should now be greeted with the internals of the Xbox 360.

    happy flashing.

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    Using the USB Adapter for flashing Xb360 DVD drives

    X360USB Tutorial - mannyman

    This is a tutorial i found on a website called *removed*. I take full credit for it, since i am a member at that forum, and actually created the guide, and it would be nice to share the info, so i will. BTW you can NOT flash the 78FK drive using this method, but you can using the ol' SATA method. Google it.

    This is a full tutorial on how to flash Hitachi Drives specifically for X360 USB. I created this because of the many people that dont have a SATA based computer, or a SATA based Motherboard that supports a 360 drive. I sure don't, and really wanted to flash my 360 drive. But with this device, X360 USB, you can now flash your drive using a USB, instead of a SATA connector.


    -I am not held accounted for what the hell u do with your 360 drive, but the way that i am doing it, you really should not mess up
    -You WILL void your 360 warranty, which means if it breaks later on even if its not because of the flashing process, you are f***** and would have to buy a new 360.
    -You Do not have to open your pc, however, it would be MUCH easier, so thats whats im explaining.
    -Thats it really

    Buying what you need:
    X360 USB(it does come with the Xecuter Kit V2) GET THE OPENING KIT ITS ONLY 5 buckarous and it helps.
    A 360 and if u didnt, know that go die please.
    A 360 that has a HItachi Drive(ill get to that later)

    So now you have a 360 and the X360 USB. First what you wanna do is make sure you have brought a 360 Hitachi Drive. if you didn't, this X360USB wont work, and you will have to get another 360, or simply return yours to your retailer. You can check this without voiding your warrenty. Just power up your 360, and eject the 360 drive. IF you see holes in the disc tray, you have a Hitachi Drive. If you dont, you have a Samsung Drive, and this does not apply to you. However, there is a X360 USB revision to work with all Samsung Drives.

    You also need to know if you have the DREADED dvd drive know as 78FK drive. To do this, look on your drive. You will see a stick with a bunch of crap on it, but you are looking for a line that says
    ROM VER:0078FK

    If you see 0078FK, this wont work so sorry. Any other drive should be fine. You can see my dvd drive has 0046DH which is okay to flash!

    Now that you have a 360 drive you can open it up and stop when you get the XboX360 Drive Out of the XBOX. Now, once you have that, throw the 360 aside(not litteraly) and make room to set your 360 drive down. Now lets get these cords right. Open the X360 USB package and make sure you have the follow as i do in this pic.

    -The x360 USB Converter(the blue little box)
    -1 USB CABLE
    -1 Connectivity Kit
    -1 Power Crossover Cable(the little cord that's not the USB or the SATA Cord)

    NOw put the Sata Cable into the xbox360 drive and put that into the X360 USb COnverter( the blue box)
    The connectivity Kit will have 2 black boards, get the smaller one. Put that Power CAble into the 360, and the other side into the connectivity Kit. Now open your PC. get a Power Cable that you power your HDD's with, and put that into the 4-PIN molex port on the connecitvity kit. MAKE SURE THE PC IS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make sure on the Xecuter Kit, the power adpater is set to the On Position, the eject is up, and mode Button is down. Now put a 4-pin molex cable into the connectivity kit from the pc. Turn on the PC and the Connectivity Kit should light up red. That is PERFECT :). now, MAke sure you are stable in windows and your computer has finished booting. Now put the USb cable into the other side of the X360 USB converter, and into your pc. It should say found new hardware and then install all drivers, and bam the hardest part is really done. Take a look at this computer that has everything set up, as well as the found new hardware.

    If you do not want to open your pc, then this is what you can do:
    Put the SATA Cable in to the X360USB converter and the other into the XBOX360. Then power on your XboX360 and then power on your pc and hook up the usb cable and it should work. I however dont recommend this way i was able to flash, but ran into too many porblems.

    Now you will have this as a Device in My Computer So that means OH SNAP!!! Make sure now that NO GAMES ARE IN THE DRIVE. Now to flashing the drive. OH NOES!!!

    Download this

    Make a folder on your local drive called Maxim360. PLEASE FOR BOTH OUR SAKE MAKE IT THIS NAME! For most(if not all) will have C:\Maxim360. Remember that. Also go to my Computer and remember the drive letter of the XBOX drive. no scratch that. WRITE THE LETTER DOWN. now extract this rar to MAXIM360 folder. NOw open a command promt by going to start/run. type CMD and you will see the command promt. type in these lines in this order:

    1. cd\
    2. cd Maxim360
    3. cd Maximus-Garyopa_XTRM-HITACHI_v2_2_Stealth
    4. cd X-LG
    5. FLASH22S.BAT X 6384(where X is replace that wth the the drive letter you saw in my computer e.g. mine was letter I, so my command is FLASH23S.BAT I 6384)
    Before you hit enter, take a deep breath and look at how far you got. If you hit, enter two things could happen.

    1. It works and you have backups playing at will.
    2. Your back at buying a replacement dvd drive.

    Not to scare you, but this is the time of decision. Its all on you and be ready for what comes out. But for me, i really didnt care and hit enter anyway and bam, it will flash automatically. It will show some stuff, then it will say done. Now close and you can take a deep breath. Our last and final step. There will be a new folder generated in that directory that has a backup of your firmware. SAVE IT SOMEWHERE. If you have hundreds of blanks cd's like me, burn it to a cd. Yep thats right that little file needs a cd. Just keep that cd next to your piles of games at all times. NOw shut down the computer and unhook everyhing reassemble your xbox, and everythign will look the same, but you will have BACKUPS RUNNING!! give yourself a pat on the back, and then thank Xecuter team, and the people who made all of this possible. Now have fun knowing that you can tear up that Gears of war game all you want now that its a backup and it can get as scratched up as you want.

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    Easy iprep guide - tpepsiman

    Download iprep from here

    start iprep
    Step:1 firmware
    Click on load firmware file select the ixtreme firmware
    and click open

    Then click yes

    Step:2 serial ata
    Tick the box "custom serial ata" then click on
    "list scsi controller" and select the via 6421 sata card

    Step:3 hitachi firmware
    I'll update this bit soon :)

    Step:4 destination
    Target drive is the usb stick/pen drive

    Select the usb stick/pen drive mine was "D" tick the box format/make device bootable

    Then click "do it"

    Read the note in the box

    Then click on ok

    Open it just to see if its ok look here is mine
    Sorry for the bad pic below but you can still see the files in there

    Now u have finished the usb stick/pen drive

    Happy flashing

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    Samsung Flash - xs2man

    Written by PC Arcade over at xbox-scene, but I thought we could do with it here.

    Things you need :

    An xbox360 with a Toshiba/Samsung Drive (open tray to look):

    A Torx 10 screwdriver
    Thin Tweezers (or similar)
    A PC with SATA connectors - but NOT the Silicon Image Sil3112 SATA chipset, these will not work (ATM?)
    A Hex editor - I used :
    The Firmware package
    Some plasters

    Part 1 - Taking the box apart - There is a tutorial in this post.

    There are guides to this all over the place, I used this one as it was the most accurate and easy :

    At stage 10 stop - DO NOT unscrew the black screws, leave them alone, they hold your heatsink on, all we need is access to the DVD drive

    Part 2 - safety first

    You will need a boot disk, so format a floppy disk ensuring the box that says "MS-DOS system disk" (or similar) is ticked, when this has formatted copy MTKFLASH.EXE and MTKFLASH.TYP from to this disk (if you have an nforce4 motherboard use the same files from the archive MTK-NF4.RAR)

    Your xbox360 will need to be plugged in (but turned off) next to your PC
    with it's DVD rom drive powered by the xbox, but connected to port 1 of the SATA on the PC

    remove / disable all IDE channels except for the floppy disk and all SATA ports except port 1

    make sure you have set the PC to boot from the floppy disk

    turn on the PC, leave the 360 turned off for the time being, when you have a command prompt tuen the 360 on and type the following on the PC

    mtkflash r backup.bin

    press 1 to select SATA master

    This will backup the original firmware to the disk - DO NOT LOSE OR MODIFY THIS IN ANY WAY, if you screw up you can easily restore the original firmware with this file and put the 360 back to factory

    turn off the 360 and unplug the drive from the PC.

    Plug the pc's drives back in / reenable all the applicable ide / sata channels and boot into windows

    Part 3 - modifying the firmware

    Each 360 DVD firmware has a unique key that marries your drive to your console, this HAS to match or the drive will not work, so we need to insert the key from your firmware into the modified firmware (which has no key).

    Copy the backup.bin file from the floppy to your hard disk

    Load the Hex editor then load backup.bin into it from your hard disk, the area containing your key is located at $4000-$4200 so press ctrl-G and type 4000 into the box, then click goto.

    Using your mouse select everything from 4000-4200

    press ctrl+C

    Load the file from the Xtreme_Package called xtreme.bin, press ctrl-G type 4000 into the box and click goto

    Press ctrl-V this will copy your key from the backup firmware you created to the xtreme firmware ready for use on your drive

    save the xtreme.bin file onto the floppy disk

    Step 4 - The scary part

    Connect up the 360 to the PC as before, unplug all the drives again, boot off the floppy disk and at the command prompt type

    mtkflash w xtreme.bin

    Press 1 to select master

    The 360 should at this point be hacked

    In order to test whether it has worked, put an original game in, it should play as normal, then put in an xbox copy if you have one, it won't work, the emulator will say that thi game is not playable (or similar), but it will recognize it as a game

    If it did, put the 360 and the PC back together, put the plasters on your bleeding fingers and thumbs as needed

    Hopefully not needed part - Troubleshooting

    My drive won't boot anything! Originals say "insert in an xbox 360"

    You've messed up with the key double check that you overwrote the are $4000-$4200 not inserted - the firmware should always be 256kb

    My PC won't recognize the drive to flash it

    Try another PC, or use a promise SATA PCI card, mktflash compatibility seems a little "flaky"

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