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    What is Xbins?

    XBINS was started on June 30th 2002. It was started as a safe haven for developers to release their xbox applications without fear of Microsoft.

    XBINS provides the most complete, up-to-date source of homebrew Xbox(360) files available, as well as the fastest xbox(360) software news source. Users ranging from beginners to full time developers regularly visit xbins associated channels. Developers are given access to a support channel and means of automated release and news updates. We enjoy our close ties with developers, and will actively fight distribution of leaked or fake/virus applications. All files on our servers are verified to be legitimate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ground Zero
    I just wrote a simple app for automatically connecting to Xbins as I found others for this purpose did not fulfill their claims of being truely automated (i.e. they required more than one click).
    Simply extract it, and run Xbins.bat

    Help Connecting

    Quote Originally Posted by Ground Zero
    For those experiencing connectivity issues, the problem can be sourced to a software/hardware (router) firewall. The 'Connecting to Xbins, please be patient ...' message is displayed whilst initiating a connection to an EFnet IRC server (where the #xbins channel resides), so if this message is the only output, this indicates that the program is recursively attempting to initiate a connection, due to repeated failure.

    I recommend that if you're using a firewall, you add \Xbins\Xbins\bin\xbins.exe to the application exclusion list (IMON > Setup > Misc > Exclusion: Edit, if using NOD32), or in the case of ZoneAlarm, I believe there is an 'Allow IRC' option which can be enabled, please do your own research for your specific firewall on allowing IRC access. Alternatively, if your firewall allows it, adding port '6667' to the allowed ports list will fix the problem. The same applies for your router, port 6667 must be allowed.

    If after configuring your firewall/router properly, you are still unable to connect, then give up. There may be a restriction set by your ISP, where IRC access is not allowed for whatever reasons, or the IRC server itself may be rejecting the connection itself, such as in the case of an entire ISP's IP subnet being banned, which is unlikely (plus I coded it to jump to the next server in such a case). So please ensure your firewall/router is configured properly before declaring that this application is faulty, as it is not. Hope this helps :-)

    What about the windows firewall? Is that disabled too? Also, some security software still operates in a minimal security mode, running vital backend components when apparently 'disabled', which can cause problems in rare circumstances. I recommend that you leave any security software turned on if installed, and just configure it with IRC properly.

    By the way, I am quite amazed at how many people are using this app. Something I did over a weekend that I expected half a dozen people to actually download and use, has been downloaded over 40,000 times according to download stats found on google-indexed websites, so I would like to thank those who have submitted it to websites such as 360Mods, are seeding torrents for it, and are recommending it in their guides/forum posts, and to Xbins for adding it to their archive, and providing such as great service.

    You can also visit http://<b><a href="</a></b> to find info on theirs upload files and F.A.Q.

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