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Thread: Easy game burning guide's

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    If you have done this before and have left the User Specified layer break setting the same,
    then you can skip to step #4

    1.Download ImgBurn

    2.Launch the program and using the menu at the top go to: "Tools -> Settings"

    3.Go to the "Write" tab and under the "Options" section on the right hand side select the radio button labeled "User Specified" under the "Layer Break (For DL Media)" section.
    Now in the textbox next to the words "Sectors in L0:" enter the value: "1913760" (without quotes of course).

    4.[You can start here in the future!] Open your IMAGE.000 or whatever you labeled your backup using the "Browse" button.
    Next to the text "Files of type" use the drop down menu and select "All Files (*.*)".
    You should now be able to select your backup image file.

    If you recieve the following error

    Then you have most likely made an incorrect image. Try remaking the SS.bin and reapplying that as it may cause problems.
    IF YOU ARE SURE that you have correctly made your backup, you can use [url=]this tool[url]to get ImgBurn to detect your ISO.
    For an explanation of what the tool does and how to use it view the Readme.txt inside the zip.

    5.Set your burn speed to 2.4x and click the large burn button. Sit back and wait for the backup to burn.

    6.OPTIONAL: You can go back to "Tools -> Settings" and then back to the "Write" tab and set the "Layer Break" option back to "Calculate Optimal"
    if you are going to be using ImgBurn to burn other dual layer images that are NOT Xbox 360 backups.
    If you are only gonna be burning dual layer Xbox 360 backups,
    you can leave it to the setting before and resume at step #4 the next time you wanna burn a backup.


    start clonecd and click on the cd with the pen

    then click on browse

    open the folder where u saves the two files .dvd & .000
    select the .dvd file then click open

    now click next

    select a slow burn speed and click ok

    now your game will start to burn

    once its finished play & enloy :)

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    08/28/11 - Version 3.0.5 * Support up to Wave 13

    Install, you can switch to English when run.

    Use that to patch waves so new games won't ask to install a system update.
    AP 2.5 Patching.
    Patching will get you BANNED from Xbox Live. Use this only on offline consoles.

    You'll have to download the data for the Wave you wish to patch it to.

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