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Thread: I Found A Way To Fix The No Video Problem

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    I decided to put this in the tutorials section so more people would see it, I just want people to know about this. Thanks.

    I found a way to fix the problem were there is no video coming out, but just sound. First I had the red ring of death, I fixed it with the tutorial that shows you what washers to buy from Lowes and what screws, and got that fixed and all slapped together, applied arctic silver 5 to the CPU and GPU heatsinks.. After I fixed the red ring of death and power up, I see the the green rings im thinking yay I fixed it! But no picture, just sound.. dang.

    So what I did was, when you power on push the open tray button because this does not work if you boot to a game! Then wait till you know its at the dashboard because you can hear the sounds and can tell, just unplug the video cable from the back of the 360, you will see red rings on the lights right after doing this, then just plug it back in. Then it will kinda do a lil restart and the video was back! Working great now.

    I figured this out myself, didn't find this info anywhere else so I just wanted to throw it out there to maybe help some people deal with Micro$ofts shitty gaming console. Hope this works for others too. :)


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    A friend of my used to has this problem but he sent it in and got a new one in return, otherwise I would try this, still this is pretty good discovery, great job.

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