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Thread: Reading & Flashing The Phat Hitachi Drives (v79)

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    Default Reading & Flashing The Phat Hitachi Drives (v79)

    Guide property of Team-Xecuter, written by Ubergeek.

    *This tutorial is done with the X360USB PRO. If you are using the SATA Card & CK3 Pro setup, then you will need to select the appropriate I/O and COM ports within Jungleflasher.

    NOTE: If you are using a VIA SATA Card or have a VIA Chipset to flash your drive, you MUST remove the drivers. This is to stop the freezing issues during the process in Jungleflasher. Refer to page 155 of the Jungleflasher Tutorial if you are unsure how to do this.

    Spoiler for Tip For X360USB Pro Users:

    With X360USB PRO you don't need CK3 Pro drivers, you don't have to use any COM ports (if you don't want the "no Com Ports" message showing up when you boot Jungle Flasher then simply save and run this reg file) and you don't have to have any PortIO stuff installed so no F8 or Driver signing disabled or any of that crap any more (simply tick the USB Only button and all the PortIO stuff gets disabled / ignored) - just ignore all that as it's the old way of doing things - X360USB PRO takes care of ALL of it.

    The following tutorial will take you through the simple process of communicating with a Hitachi GDR-3120L (79 version) DVD Drive using Jungle Flasher and an X360USB PRO adapter.


    • Xecuter X360USB Pro OR Compatible SATA Card
    • A DVD Drive Power source (the tutorial uses an Xecuter CK3 Pro - you can use an Xecuter CK3 Lite too of course)
    • Sata Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
    • USB Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
    • Latest version of Jungle Flasher
    • X360USB PRO Windows Drivers / SATA Card Drivers
    • Windows XP / Vista / 7 - 32bit or 64bit

    WARNING About AUX Power Cable:
    The X360USB PRO comes with an AUX Power cable. This is NOT to be used unless it is required. Your X360USB PRO will function with no problems on 99% of USB ports as they have a 500ma output. A tiny amount of USB ports only carry 100ma. The AUX Power is supplied as a worst case scenario for those instances (you would plug it into a USB capable power supply unit such as the iPod's power brick). DO NOT use the AUX Power cable if your computer supports 500ma as you may cause damage to your X360USB PRO. The best way to test is it just set everything up to see if drivers install, jungle flasher detects the drive etc.

    There are several versions of Hitachi GDR-3120L and this guide covers the 79 model. To find out which version of drive you have simply look at the label and you will see "ROM VER XXXXXX"

    Here is an example of the Hitachi GDR-3120L DVD label. As you can see we have highlighted the ROM version - in this case it is what we would call an "Hitachi 79" (The letters after the numbers do not matter). The other versions to look out for are 32, 40, 36, 46, 47, 58, 59 & 78. If you have one of these non-79 versions then goto this tutorial.

    Before you connect everything you first need to install the X360USB Pro Drivers. These are signed and work in Windows XP / Vista / 7 both 32bit and 64bit. Download the small driverpack and plug in the X360USB PRO USB Cable. When it asks for the drivers simple point to the files you saved and they will install with ease. You are now ready to hook everything else up.

    It's very easy to hook up your Hitachi GDR-3120L to your PC. Simply connect the DVD power supply (in this case the Xecuter CK3 Pro) to the DVD drive (take care to make sure it is fitted the correct way - the wrong way can damage your drive) and to a molex power cable from your PC or from an external Molex power supply. Then connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to the X360USB Pro, and then connect the USB cable from the X360USB Pro to a USB port on your Netbook/Notebook/Laptop/Desktop computer.

    Before we start to work with Jungle Flasher you need to burn the 79_Unlock CD which you can download from here. Use something like IMGBURN to burn the disc using a normal CD-R. Simply select write image file and load the .cue and burn. Thanks to C4 and Podger for this simple solution which stops you from having to buy expensive "passkey" type devices that require soldering and all sorts of unnecessary messing around.

    OK we are ready to begin:

    1. Load up Jungle Flasher and...

    (1) Select the MTKFlash 32 Tab
    (2) Make sure the I/O Port is set to 0x000 (Change as necessary for your SATA Card)
    (3) The X360USB pro should be detected as Primary Master and the Firmware version will be displayed (in this case it is Ver 0.17)
    (4) The Hitachi GDR-3120L should be detected and ready to work with

    2. Now we are going to get the drive into ModeB so Windows can detect the drive and assign a drive letter. With older Hitachi drives you can usually do this by pressing the ModeB button on a CK3 power kit (Red LED), however we are going to show you how to do this easily with just Jungle Flasher's software method.

    (1) Select the Hitachi GDR3120 Tab in Jungle Flasher
    (2) The correct drive version should be detected (in this case a 79)
    (3) Click the Send Mode-B button

    3. The next part is self explanatory. You will see a pop-up window with the following information. Simply hit eject on the CK3 and switch the CK3 Power switch to OFF with the tray fully ejected. You should now insert the 79 Unlock CD that you prepared earlier. Now click OK.

    4. After a couple of seconds turn the CK3 Pro power switch ON and the tray should then close and will kick automatically into ModeB.

    5. Now for the clever part. Wait a few seconds and the Hitachi drive will be automatically assigned a drive letter in WIN API Mode ( in this example - K )

    6. Now we will unlock the 79 drive using the 79 Unlock CD. Simply click on the 79 Unlock button and Jungle Flasher should play the disc and unlock with the necessary commands. Not much gets said about this, but it really is an awesome hack

    7. Everything from this point is a piece of cake. First we are going to a full dump of the drives firmware. We will assume at this stage that the drive is stock and has never been touched before. If you ever have a drive that has been flashed before with a different firmware you will always need to first return it to stock.

    (1) Select Dump Drive
    (2) Click the Read To Source button
    (3) The entire firmware dumped in 1117ms (that's 1.117 Seconds )

    8. Now you will be asked to save the firmware file. I just created a directory called FW on the C: drive and saved it there.

    9. Once the firmware is saved it will be loaded into Jungle Flasher's source buffer. You will automatically switch to the Firmware Tool tab.

    (1) This is a full description of your firmware and will tell you if its stock or not.
    (2) This is your full DVD key.

    10. Now you are ready to program your drive.

    (1) Select the Hitachi GDR3120 tab
    (2) Select Flash LT-Plus
    (3) Click the button Flash LT-Plus

    11. Jungle Flasher first tests Flash Stability by writing to sector 9003F000

    12. If flashing is stable and ready to rock you will see this pop-up. Simply click YES.

    13. Success ! The Flashing process usually takes less than 3 seconds

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