Tutorial written by M AzeeM K. Inspired by THIS tutorial posted by wolffboy212 on Se7ensins.

The simple guide on how to unflag your Xbox 360! (So that you don't get banned from being flagged)

Things to note; using this tutorial will not work if:

1. Your console has already been banned
2. You have already been online with your flagged Xbox360!

Purpose of this tutorial:
Suppose that because of a mistake e.g a failed AP2.5 challenge, your Xbox360 gets flagged for a ban. This flag in its current state is an Offline flag and will cause a ban when you connect to XBL. But, if you haven't connected to XBL yet, then you have the ability to remove this flag so that you don't get banned when you log onto XBL.

So, this tutorial tells you how to do this.

Now, first things first. You have to confirm whether your Xbox360 has been flagged or not. Although you might already know it since you would have actually caused the flag, but its better to check it using another method i.e. by using Xval. You can get Xval HERE. Follow the instructions included to check whether your Xbox360 has been flagged or not.

If you are sure that it has been flagged, then follow the tutorial:


- Nand-X

- Things required to apply the Nand-X to the Xbox360 motherboard:
i. A 15W to 40W Soldering Iron. 15W is recommended, although it is safe to use one upto 40W.

ii. Rosin Core/Flux Core Solder. Preferably 60/40 Rosin-Core Solder with 0.32" Diameter.

iii. Torx 8 and Torx 10 screwdrivers

- A PC with Windows installed and a working USB port


- Jtag Tool from HERE

NandPro 2.0d

- FindSecData

- Windows PC with Command Prompt

NOTE: All the required programs can be downloaded from Xbins.

Actual Work:

1. First you will have to open your Xbox360 (and may also want to take the motherboard out of the metal case as it makes the soldering process easier).

2. Now follow the original Nand-X installation instructions present HERE. You only have to follow the tutorial upto the end of the installation of the NAND part of the Nand-X and leave the JTAG part. Then continue on from the next step.


Now, Remember that I am presuming that you know how to use Command Prompt, but I will still try to make it as clear as I can.

Remember, you don't have to follow this part of the tutorial per word (like naming the folders etc). I only wrote it like this so that everyone may be able to use this tutorial without any problem.

Also, before we continue on with this part, remember to unhide the file extensions of different files on your PC so that there is no complication with name of the files including their extensions. Refer here if you want to know ho to do it.

1. Connect your Nand-X to your PC. Once its recognized, move to the next step. Make sure your Xbox360 is connected to the Power Supply but not turned on i.e. it should be on Standby. The PSU light should be orange.

2. Now, install Jtag Tool. Run it. Select the "Device Type" as "USB". Then select your Console type. Then press "Read Nand" and wait for Jtag Tool to dump your NAND. Its best to make atleast three dumps of your NAND before messing with it. Name the dumps as nand1.bin, nand2.bin etc.

3. Now make a new folder on your E: drive and name it "Project Unflag" and copy Nandpro(plus all the files included with it) and Findsecdata into this folder. Also copy a Nand file from the ones you dumped earlier e.g. nand1.bin into this folder.

4a. For WinXP users: Click Start-->Select Run-->Type in "CMD"-->Press Enter. You will then be opened a Command Prompt Window.

4b. For Win7/Vista users: Click Start-->Select All Programs-->Accessories--> Right-click Command Prompt--> Select Run as Administrator. You will then be opened a Command Prompt Window in Administrator Mode.

5a. Type "E:"
5b. Type "cd Project Unflag"

6. Now run your NAND image through FindSecData by using the following command:

findsecdata.exe nand1.bin

Now FindSecData will find out the block of the NAND which contains the Flag data and extract it, then fix it. You should see something like this appear in the Command Prompt window:

E:\Project Unflag\findsecdata.exe nand1.bin

findsecdata v0.61 2009-12-01 by boby2pc
Controller version 1
Last filetable change: 0x4D
ECC change: 0x4D Filetbl: 0x01D7 Secdata: 0x01D6 Timestamp: 3D6FB8A2 2010-11-15
ECC change: 0x4C Filetbl: 0x01D5 Secdata: 0x0226 Timestamp: 3D61A943 2010-11-01
ECC change: 0x42 Filetbl: 0x0225 Secdata: 0x038B Timestamp: 3C8F12DD 2010-04-15

Checking secdata:
038B containts not 0 values above offset 1024

Searching for recommended

Extracting secdata:

Extracting filetables:

Creating patched secdata:

Creating patched filetables:

nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedsecdata0226.bin 1D6 1
nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedfiletable01D7By01D5.bin 1D7 1
7. Now you will have some new files in the Project Unflag folder. All you have to do now is to type the exact commands in Command prompt as FindSecData tells you to write after performing its fixing operation. In this case, as shown above, the two commands will be:

nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedsecdata0226.bin 1D6 1

nandpro.exe lpt: -w16 Patchedfiletable01D7By01D5.bin 1D7 1

But remember, we have to change the "lpt" written in the above commands to "usb". Otherwise, the command won't work.

Therefore, the above commands will become:

nandpro.exe usb: -w16 Patchedsecdata0226.bin 1D6 1

nandpro.exe usb: -w16 Patchedfiletable01D7By01D5.bin 1D7 1

All done. Now disconnect everything from the Xbox360. Also disconnect the Power Supply for about a minute, then connect it back and turn your Xbox360 back on. Check your Xval again and you should be unflagged now.

Reassemble your Xbox360 and have fun.